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Ltd. "FLO-TEX"

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e-mail : flo-tex@inbox.lv
Office : Brīvības gatve 214b-500
Legal address: Rīga, Tapešu iela 25-53 , LV-1083
PVN reģ. LV40103241530

Noderīgas saites

Each pond sooner or later ages for different reasons. 
Both man-made and natural pollution also contribute to overgrowth.
Often it would be better to just fill an old pond.
Because the maintenance costs are often high and it is not always possible
to maintain the pond, as the excavator's work is hampered by trees,
buildings, fences, fences, electricity poles, etc. that grow too close. We perform cosmetic repairs in the form of overgrown ponds.
However, it must be taken into account that a satisfactory result
will be if cleaning is carried out regularly and systematically.
A single treatment of a body of water from aquatic plants will
not prevent it from overgrowing. Before starting work, an assessment of the condition of the water body *,
the expected cleaning result and possibilities should be made.