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Ltd. "FLO-TEX"

Phone: 371 2958-27-44
Phone: 371 2683-89-59
e-mail : flo-tex@inbox.lv
Office : Brīvības gatve 214b-500
Legal address: Rīga, Tapešu iela 25-53 , LV-1083
PVN reģ. LV40103241530

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Pontoon Floating Dock Systems For Every Purpose

EasyFloat is a world leader in pontoon dock systems which have a long life span and are highly environment friendly. Our top quality pontoons are constructed from durable polystyrene, stainless steel and aluminium making our pontoons virtually free of maintenance and extremely lightweight. EasyFloat pontoons are suitable for many purposes, meeting all artisan, construction and recreational needs.


Pontoon for public swimming

Sauna Raft


Pontoons for Rowing, kayak and canoe