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EasyFloat Focus On The Environment

Minimal impact to the environment

Providing an environmentally friendly dock system has been the main goal in developing EasyFloat, with emphasis on as little impact to the environment as possible. Our docks cause minimal direct disruption to fish habitats and submerged lands.

EasyFloat dock systems minimize any disturbances to a lake or river. No cutting, staining, or end sealing involved. EasyFloat greatly reduces contaminants which could be released into a body of water by other dock systems.

Long life span

EasyFloat is not a wear-and-tear product, on the contrary. The pontoon Systems can be used and enjoyed for many years. This is what we call a genuine care for the environment. Considering that EasyFloat is completely free from impregnated wood and does not require oiling each season, it makes you feel pretty good at the end of the day, giving you more time to enjoy your leisure.    

Built to last...

Anyone responsible for docks and walkways used in a public setting knows that durable and robust products are a must. EasyFloat has gone through an extensive testing program for the past 5 years. From the salty water, strong sunlight and the extreme temperatures of the Red Sea to the tough Nordic winter environments.Our pontoons...

  • Will not rot
  • Will not rust
  • Are very lightweight
  • Maintains its low weight and buoyancy throughout the life span
  • Have a non-slip, rough surface and round smooth outlines
  • require very little maintenance
  • Are suitable for the disabled

What could EasyFloat provide for your organisation? Maybe…

  • No need for tractors or cranes when moving EasyFloat in and out of the water
  • No boards that rot and need replacing
  • No fittings that rust or fall off
  • No floating blocks that become heavier and heavier and eventually lose their buoyancy
  • No nails or screws that can become loose causing eventual injuries
  • No wooden boards that require treatment every season

    . … just to mention a few examples of the advantages that EasyFloat has over other dock manufacturers.

Many decision-makers have seen the benefits of EasyFloat and many choose to invest in an EasyFloat. They do it for safety, the sound financial savings and for the environment.

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