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Ltd. "FLO-TEX"

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Phone: 371 2683-89-59
e-mail : flo-tex@inbox.lv
Office : Brīvības gatve 214b-500
Legal address: Rīga, Tapešu iela 25-53 , LV-1083
PVN reģ. LV40103241530

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   Sludge Pump


Motor: B&S 5hp, 4-stroke motor
Pump Weight 70 kg
-Max lift height 24 m
-Ball bearings, oil lubrication, virtually non-wearing mechanical seal
-Hose connection 2,5 "


Two people are needed to operate the float, one to hold the pump,the other to direct the float.

The work is made easier by the specially designed float;
thus the pump-head will stay in the wanted depth at all times.


Will not harm the watercourse.

Will not disturb the bottom like a backhoe does.

The silt mixture of mud and weed is excellent for the garden ets.

Max. cleaning depth is 2 meters (6 feet).